Lisa Buyer Launches Podcast: Social PR Secrets

Lisa Buyer
3 min readJun 24, 2020

Social PR Secrets, a trusted source since 2013 for actionable and relevant ways to combine the superpowers of public relations, social media, and SEO, just hit the digital airwaves with 60 podcast episodes — and growing. After completing four editions of Social PR Secrets the book, Lisa Buyer announces the launch of the realtime audio experience Social PR Secrets, the podcast.

DATE — Orlando, FL — Public relations expert, author, speaker, and agency owner Lisa Buyer announces the launch of her podcast, Social PR Secrets ( ). Buyer’s guests and topics speak to entrepreneurs, public relations, digital marketing, and advertising pros looking for actionable advice on how to optimize the process of getting more exposure and reaching the right audience.

“I wrote the first edition of Social PR Secrets in 2013 and it was just under 100 pages. In 2018 the fourth edition ended around 400 pages,” said Buyer who also taught social media management for the University of Florida College of Journalism from 2013–2018. “In order to keep the conversation going and relevant, a podcast is the best and most efficient way to reach my audience.”

Public Relations 2020: How can you launch a podcast with 60 episodes?

Buyer suggests to revisit your archives and see what golden nuggets you might have. You don’t have to start from scratch and launch with one episode. Utilizing past interviews, blogs, or other media features with green topics can help you create a catalog of information to launch with.

“After publishing four editions of Social PR Secrets the book, I decided to take it real-time and launch it as a podcast,” said Buyer. “When COVID-19 stuck us at home, I took a reset and dug into my public relations archives and found a goldmine of more than 50 of my favorite Social PR Secrets interviews from the not so distant past and have been adding to it since,’ said Buyer.

Buyer also credits her inspiration and grit from her favorite podcasting duo, Hustle and Flow Chart’s Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier.



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