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Lisa Buyer
7 min readJul 2, 2020

The Marketing Whisperer. That’s how the industry knows leading expert Sherron Washington, and for good reasons. The founder and CEO of the marketing and communication company the P3 Solution and creator of social media campaign #YourWorthIsValued, Sherron is an accomplished professional, with a Master’s Degree in Communications. Juggling her careers as a marcomm strategist, speaker, trainer, and author, Sherron is a true female disruptor who’s set on changing the world.

Changing the World: #YourWorthIsValuedCampaign

At Female Disruptors, we believe in bringing goodness to the world. For Sherron, the best way to do that is to share and promote the stories of others. That is exactly what her most recent social media campaign, #YourWorthIsValued, is all about. The initiative aims at showcasing positive images of Black men around the world to help amplify their greatness. Since early June, Sherron has set herself to post about more than a hundred men on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. By introducing men from all backgrounds, the posts change the narrative, in the context of Black Lives Matter. From barbers and kids to professors and florists, Sherron’s campaign influences how people, both inside and outside Black communities, perceive Black men.

Sherron asked each of these men to come up with a positive word to describe themselves. The adjectives are not only representative of their individualities, they also showcase what the entire Black community is about. She selected them within her circle of friends, business associates, and community-at-large. This initiative is important because our mindsets need to be changing, along with a shift in action. June has been an important month in American and Black history, but it also came with a plethora of negative stereotypes, especially in the media. When Sherron realized that she was starting to absorb that negativity, she understood it was time to act on it. And you can too! Sherron asks that you repost her images and use photos and words of your own, using the hashtag…

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