#FemaleDisruptors: Dr. Kim Chronister on Being a Social Media Famous Therapist

Lisa Buyer
5 min readAug 3, 2020

Want to know how to talk to your crush, identify relationship red flags or know when someone is lying? Mental health therapist, entrepreneur, influencer. Dr. Kim Chronister is spreading her advice all over Instagram and TikTok, and she might be the epitome of a Female Disruptor. A clinical psychologist, Dr. Kim is also a social media star. All of her business endeavors are focused on helping others. She shares free information with her 170.000 TikTok and Instagram followers, providing value to her audience. Her Beverly Hills practice treats people dealing with anxiety, mood disorders, substance abuse, and life transitions. She also does couples therapy and has recently taken up life coaching for those going through breakups. Keep on reading to learn more about Kim, the psychologist taking the internet by storm!

The Path to Entrepreneurship

Like many other Female Disruptors, Kim did not always know she wanted to be an entrepreneur. A business major, she used to work in the entertainment industry. She even interned at Madonna’s movie company! But one day, a lightbulb went off in her head. Kim realized that she wanted to both help people and be her own boss. She knew there were plenty of careers that offered that. But becoming a psychologist was the best path for her.

We all know the entrepreneurial journey doesn’t come without its share of troubles. When Kim was studying for her licensure, she was committed to publishing online books. As a result, she went through a grueling and financially-strained for four months. Despite the financial risk and the tough times she had to go through, Dr. Chronister says that the sacrifice paid off. For her, the best thing about becoming an entrepreneur has been the feeling of empowerment. She is also thankful for the constant variety brought by owning a business. The freedom that comes with being her own boss has allowed her to write books, give advice on TV and radio, and write articles.

Being an entrepreneur has provided Kim the opportunity to be creative. She can also shift areas of focus when it comes to the types of clients she can treat. Dr. Chronister says, “I’m always mentally stimulated because entrepreneurship gives me the drive to continue researching…

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